Religion should not be death

On Saturday, Robert Bowers shot up a synagogue in Pittsburg and killed 11 Jewish people attending a Bris at the Tree of Life Synagogue.

These Jews were a part of the community and loved by family members. They were average, everyday people.

Lindsay Trombly | Argonaut

In a New York Times article about this event, Bowers said “he wanted all Jews to die.”

These people died because they were Jewish. They died because their belief system didn’t align with another’s. An accountant, a dentist, a husband and wife, a recent grandfather and more were brutally murdered.

They did not deserve this. It was not their time to die yet.

America should not have this problem.

The Holocaust happened in World War II, years and years ago. Many just assume anti-Semitism no longer exists because of how long ago those hateful acts of murder occurred.

I thought people were finally getting over differences in attributes in race and even religion I was wrong. This is heart breaking.

This shooting should not have happened. Eleven people should not have died for having a certain set of beliefs.

Hate crimes where people shoot up religious services should not happen.

According to a New York Times article Donald Trump said, “if they had protection the results would have been far better.” People of different color, ethnicity, of religious faith, let alone Jews — should not have to be protected during their daily lives.

Synagogues and even churches should not have to have security to watch over the worship. The result of having 11 dead victims should not be blamed on a “lack of protection.” It should be blamed on the ones who spread hate.

Jews should be able to go to temple and not be scared for their life. They should be able to pray and sing with their loved ones in peace.

The people spreading this hate must own up to their mistakes, realize that anti-Semitism exists and put an end to it.

Yet, there is cycle of these crimes happening among Jews. This has happened before, even after World War II.

Now anti-Semitism does not just spread through mouth but through social media. Bowers had an account online with anti-Semitism slurs and hate speech towards Jews. This is not right. Things like this should not be out there for the world to see.

Together, we can take a stance and start with change.

It is the little things that count. Take a stand when someone you know gets harassed for being a minority. If you see anti-Semitism content online or on social media, report it. Keep a look out for hate speech and possible crimes themselves.

Recognize people’s differences but also realize those difference are most often a good thing.

These crimes must come to an end.

Let us hope this is the last devastating event to happen to the Jewish community. Me, and so many Jews around the country don’t want to see history repeat itself and have another Holocaust occur.

We don’t want to fear for our lives every day.

I’m Jewish and I’m proud of it. For that I say, alav has-halom, let there be peace among victims of this horrific event.

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