Rising Indiana star: An interview with Lauren Sanderson

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Indiana is certainly no music giant. However, there are plenty of local artists paving their way and searching for the opportunity to make it in the music industry.

Lauren Sanderson, an up-and-coming artist from Fort Wayne, has made that dream a reality.

At the age of 22, Sanderson has released three EPs, including her most recent titled Don’t Panic,released on Aug. 24. She has also made multiple singles and is currently embarking on her fourth U.S. tour.

When she was about to graduate high school and attend Indiana University, she felt that something was not right. She did not want to go down the same path as everyone else and instead made the decision to pursue a music career.

In the process of pursuing this career, she wrote one of her early singles titled “Jenny,” which is about sending love to someone who sent her hate and doubted her vision. Through experiencing this kind of doubt, Sanderson continued to “DIY” herself to a record deal.

Image by Josie Nelson

“… you can do a lot you know, DIY and independent whatever, but it gets to the point where you’re ready for the next level and you’re ready to like take it there,” said Sanderson.

In the fall of 2017, after composing two tours of the U.S. with her own self-made team, she moved to Los Angeles to further pursue her dream.

After being in Los Angeles for just a few months, Sanderson announced her deal with Epic Records in February of 2018.

Despite the success she has had, she manages to stay true to herself and create music that reflects who she is as a person. She has never strayed from her message and also makes it a point to remember where she came from and appreciate her roots.

She is down to Earth and never takes herself too seriously. When I interviewed her, I was even met with hugs and fist bumps.

“I feel like true artistry is really based around the art and for me that never stopped and will never stop, so I just keep looking at what all there is to do and still to figure out,” said Sanderson.

Image by Josie Nelson

Sanderson says she is inspired by art that is human-based and non-commercial. She never wants to be that industry-made person that doesn’t connect and feel like a real person.

She even said she is inspired by being able to tour and share her art with people.

“The best parts are seeing the results, going to the shows, seeing the faces, hearing people saying back your words, seeing people wear your merch and waiting in line in 30 f—ing degree weather, um, those are the best parts,” said Sanderson. “You know above everything else I wanna make sure my art is true to me and out into the world. I just feel like it’s worth it when I know that A- Everything will be okay for me and for my art and everything but B- Just that I have you guys you know that’s literally what keeps me going.”

Sanderson never fails to make her supporters feel at home when they go to see her shows. The connection that she has with every person she meets is truly impeccable and is not something found in every artist.

“There’s nothing like being with your people, you know? It’s like a family,” she said.

As her career progresses, Sanderson says she wants to continue to make her art her way and has a goal of being in a 5,000 capacity venue within the next 5 years.

Sanderson is a wonderful example of having big goals but never forgetting who helped you to success along the way.

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Images: Josie Nelson

Featured Image: Josie Nelson

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