RSO Spotlight: UW’s Navigators

“There is a difference between friendship and fellowship,” explained RSO Navigators employee Hannah Carr. “Fellowship is life giving and people who do encourage you to point you back to God. There is something about having that community that is such a joy in life! Also, I think that college can be a pivotal time in people’s faith and surrounding yourself with people who all have the same goal can be foundational.”

Navigators, a Recognized Student Organization at the University of Wyoming, has the goal to grow in Christ as a community and to make Him known to others through simply loving everyone and sharing His word from the Bible. It is a nationwide organization that has continued to expand for many years now. There are large group meetings every Wednesday night in the Union where they have worship and a guest speaker, who is typically a pastor from one of the local churches, the campus director or an individual who is involved in Navigators across the country.

Hannah Carr is a University of Wyoming graduate who joined Navs her first year here and has enjoyed it ever since. Before she graduated, the Nav’s campus director asked her to become an employee of the RSO and has loved it since.

Carr’s favorite speaker that she has seen would be Montana State University’s Navigators campus director Drew Frazer due to his ability to relate the message to relevant life topics. She also explains that he is simply a captivating orator and funny all around making the sit down more enjoyable and memorable.

Furthermore, everyone tends to stay back after the worship and speech to hangout forming a great community within the RSO which strengthens their overall purpose of having loving friends in Christ in one’s life.

“As a person Navs has really helped foster my confidence with who I am,” said Carr. “As well as just how to care for others a lot more than myself… which has helped tremendously to form deeper friendships. As far as spiritually, Navs has been such a foundational place for my relationship with God. They have taught me that God desires to know me intimately and wants me to depend on Him. But what I loved is that after I came to that realization on my own, they helped give me the tools and tips on how to seek God out in my day.”

Also, there are multiple Bible studies throughout the week for anyone to join and random activities throughout the year such as ultimate frisbee, game nights and holiday parties. When asked what her favorite event was, Carr shared that it would be the Christmas party.

“It happens every year and it is a chili cook off. Everyone can make their chili and enter it in, but there is also an ugly sweater contest. I love the holidays, but it’s just a really good opportunity for people to fellowship and share a meal together in a super fun environment.”

Navigators is one of the many Recognized Student Organizations on the UW campus. Though this was is religion based, there are many others like the Fashion Club, Spikeball Club and much more. Navigators is open to all UW students and so are many of the other RSOs on campus.


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