RSO Spotlight– Wyoming Collegiate Cattle Association

The Wyoming Collegiate Cattle Association (WCCA) is a recognized student organization at the University of Wyoming that is committed to beef and agricultural advocacy in Wyoming. WCCA is affiliated with the animal science department here on campus as well as the Wyoming Stock Growers Association regionally. In the WCCA, students are interested in learning more about the cattle industry through ranch tours, guest speakers, bi-weekly meetings, and a variety of other events throughout the year.

“This club is for undergraduate or graduate member that has an interest in cattle or agriculture in general,” Amanda Hartman, the WCCA secretary, said. “We encourage anyone to join from members that have experience with cattle or members that may not have any knowledge at all. We are a group of students that try to educate and share passion with agriculture and to build relationships that will be beneficial for a lifetime.”

This RSO centers on providing hands-on experiences for members. Their club activities include trips and clinics to help them better their knowledge and understanding of cattle.

“Each semester we go on one trip as a club. We have toured packing plants, seed stock producers, commercial operations and offices of many national organizations,” said Hartman. “We also bring in speakers to educate members about the cattle industry.”

Their fall events this year included: UW Beef Unit and Farm tour in Laramie, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) office tour in Denver, CattleFax meeting in Denver, Red Angus Association visit in Denver and a Beef Box Raffle fundraiser.

For the spring, WCCA has the following events planned:  a dairy tour in Wellington, CO and a variety of unannounced events. Officers will also be attending the NCBA National Cattle Industry Convention and Trade Show where they will be representing the College of Agriculture in the Trade Show and attending the Cattlemen’s College.

“WCCA helps build connections with like minded people that have a passion or interest in agriculture and more specifically cattle. Networking is a very important part of the agriculture industry and making connections that might lead to careers or even future business relationships,” said Hartman about how important the WCCA is to campus and for the future.

“It is very important that every member of the University of Wyoming to find a home and build relationships with people and in the hopes of making their time here more enjoyable and longer lasting” Hartman said. “This is important to Wyoming because it helps build stronger cattlemen and women to make sure the cattle and agriculture industry are in good hands and we have future industry leaders within this club.”

For more information on how to get involved with the Wyoming Collegiate Cattle Association people can email any officer that is listed on the RSO website, check email and flyers at the beginning of each semester, or contact them on their Facebook page.


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