Shedding a light on veganism

The Local Herbivores aims to promote a vegan lifestyle in order to protect animals and better the planet, as well as human health and well-being.

Formed in February, the group serves to shed light on veganism, making it accessible and convenient. Danielle Solberg, the local organization’s founder, said she has been vegan for a little more than a year.

“My husband and I were sort of lonely, as there weren’t as many like-minded people, so we figured that there should be a community and to use it as a platform to raise awareness to veganism,” Solberg said.

There are certain misconceptions Solberg hopes to dispel, and she and the rest of the group are able to do so through the Local Herbivores. Solberg dispelled the myths that someone can’t be vegan and healthy or get proper proteins and veganism is for rich people.

Joey Foote, the treasurer of the Local Herbivores, said he joined the community to promote the vegan lifestyle. He has been a vegan for about as long as Solberg.

“The more you get involved with the activism side of this and understand the three pillars of this — you do it for the animals, for the environment and for your own health — the more you get involved with this, the easier it is to be a vegan,” Foote said. “You’re not doing it because you feel like you have to, you’re doing it because you want to, which is the big step.”

Clyde McCaw | Argonaut
Danielle Solberg, the Local Herbivores founder, speaks to a University of Idaho student during the club’s tabling event Monday in the Idaho Commons.

The Local Herbivores hold demonstrations throughout the school year, including raising awareness toward ethical issues involving animals and the environment.

On Monday, they tabled in the University of Idaho Commons, educating students on the practices of the company Canada Goose, a clothing brand specializing in winter wear.

Next Monday, the group will discuss human and animal rights in the  Idaho Commons.

They have participated in several campaigns, as well. Recently, they worked with Vandal Dining Services to offer vegan options at the Hub and the Grid, which are now available.

Local Herbivores also put on various events, such as Vegan Bacon Day, where they hand out free samples.

The also conduct Veganize Your Dorm, where they hand out free products, such as animal-friendly cleaning products or make-up.

The group is holding a vigil Nov. 3 in collaboration with Moscow, ID Animal Save, which Solberg also started.

Local Herbivores holds meetings at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesdays in the Crest Room of the Commons. Anyone interested in veganism is encouraged to sit in during a meeting to ask questions.

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