SOS — Save Our Studying: Mosaic’s guide to finals week resources

Morris Library and your workload have one thing in common: it’s flooded. This finals week, check out the basement of Memorial Hall in Room 016 for an appointment with either Memorial Hall’s writing center or Morris Library’s writing center.

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Finals are coming. But that doesn’t mean that preparation has to be a catastrophic free-for-all. Below is Mosaic’s guide to on-campus services and resources to support university students as they navigate the final stretch of the semester.

The Center for Counseling and Student Development
During the most stressful part of the semester, it is easy to neglect health, both mental and physical, and prioritize maintaining a perfect GPA. In addition to referral services, the university offers short-term, professional counseling services. To make an appointment, check out the counseling options, then call (302) 831-2141.

The University Writing Center
Nestled in the basement of Memorial Hall in Room 016 sits one of two of the university’s writing centers. The writing centers, staffed by both undergraduate and graduate student tutors, host free in-person and e-tutoring options to assist with both academic and non-academic writing. The tutors offer assistance at all stages of the writing process, from drafting to final revisions to citation styles. Appointments can be made through the writing center’s website.

Note: The writing center in the basement of Morris Library in Room 017 is currently closed due to flooding. All scheduled appointments in Morris Library’s writing center will be hosted in Memorial Hall’s writing center.

The Oral Communications Center
If you have a final presentation and need advice on speech delivery, the oral communications consultants, a team of trained undergraduate students, can assist in aspects ranging from visuals to persuasion. The Oral Communications Center is located in the same location as Memorial Hall’s writing center — Room 016 in Memorial Hall — and you can schedule appointments through the writing center’s website.

Office of Academic Enrichment
The Office of Academic Enrichment offers both free drop-in tutoring and individual tutoring through their tutor directory. Although the individual tutoring requires payment by the hour, the tutor directory can connect you with experienced students specific to both subjects and classes. The drop-in tutoring, hosted in various locations on campus, features group study sessions by course.

Student Health Services
If you actually want to attend your finals, a decision possibly more important than studying would be taking a trip to Student Health Services on the South Green to get a flu shot. There is nothing that makes studying harder than nausea and a fever.

Morris Library Resources
Not only does Morris Library boast by-reservation group study spaces, but the library is open 24/7 during finals week. Additionally, if your technology fails in the days leading up to finals, the Student Multimedia Design Center in the basement offers rentals of laptops, cameras, cables and other technology.

During this stressful time, always remember that you are not your grade, and physical and mental health is more important than academic perfection.

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