Speaking their truth

Snaps and vocal agreements of “preach” or “hell yeah” came from the crowd at F-Word Live Poetry Slam Friday.

A variety of social issues were covered from feminism to decriminalizing sex workers, as well as many in between, giving students and community members to speak their truth in a safe, inspired space.

Poet Alejandrx Martinez poem, “For My Brown Sisters,” empowered Latina women to love themselves and not allow themselves to be put down by the patriarchy or white men. She said before she started her poems were not for white people and to just get over it.

“This is for the girls whose thighs aren’t thick enough, whose hair is thin because they’ll never be satisfied because everything you are is what Chicano men have never rendered possible because everything you are is a threat to the colonial dream,” said Martinez.

FMD Enero, a Seattle-based rapper and one of the poets, spoke on issues pertaining ‘thug life.’

He said he is taking back the term ‘thug life,’ believing Latino does not give anyone the right to assume he is a criminal or demonize him.

“Thug across my chest, that’s cause how you see me, even though after watching movies with Ice Cube or DMX, you low-key want to be me,” said FMD Enero.

FMD Enero’s poem discussed cases of police brutality, pointing out Trayvon Martin and Botham Jeane —black men who were killed by white police officers.

“You hear thug life and all you hear is a black man waving a gun. You demonize Trayvon. Frame Michael and Botham,” said FMD Enero.

The event was hosted in the Bruce M. Pittman Center Vandal Ballroom by the University of Idaho Women’s Center.

Admission to the event cost for students cost $5 with a Vandal ID and $10 for non-students. This was the first year the event has charged an admission price. The proceeds will benefit Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse (ATVP).

Ceci McClurg, ATVP campus advocate, was at F-Word Live to help any students who may have found any of the topics triggering and needed someone to talk to.

ATVP is a confidential source, which provides 24-hour service to any victim of sexual violence or their family members, McClurg said.

“This is one is for my beautiful, intelligent brown sisters and don’t you let anyone tell you any less because they will,” said Martinez. “This one is for you because ain’t no one telling you that your beautiful and that you are the movement.”

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