Spotlight of the Week: Te’yah Wright

If you don’t know the name Te’yah Wright, you might need to learn it. Te’yah Wright is a 20-year-old, Environmental Science major hailing from Memphis, Tennessee. Wright is a revolutionary character.

Currently a Sophomore at Alcorn State University (ASU), she’s already accomplished so much in her short time on the yard. Wright has aided in several community service projects, and participated in numerous clubs and organizations on campus. One club in particular that stands out is her affiliation with the Geekology club on campus. Geekology is a fairly new club on campus being founded in the Fall of 2018. Not only is she the president of this groundbreaking organization, but she’s also the founder.

The Geekology club focuses on, but is not limited to, Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Literature, Videogaming, Japanese Culture, and so much more. “I created Geekology to give people with ‘different’ interests a place to belong. Geekology is a safe haven, and I wish I had something like this when I was growing up,” said Wright. 

Growing up in Memphis, Tennessee was tough for Wright. Living in a predominantly African American neighborhoods, she was often alienated by other kids because of her interests. Unfortunately, Wright suffered mental, physical, and verbal bullying as a result of her uniqueness. “Nobody likes to feel alone. Growing up, I was always singled out as ‘that one weird girl’ because I didn’t like what the other kids liked. I’m so passionate about Geekology because it gives ‘us weird people’ a place to belong. We’re one big family. Everyone wants a place to belong, and now we have one,” said Wright.

Everyone wants a place to belong. Although, there was no place for her when she arrived at Alcorn, Wright did not let that discourage her from creating one. The Geekology club, which currently holds more than thirty members, is doing just what it was created to do.


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