Student Creates Clothing Company

Trent Hove enjoys spreading his creativity and looks forward to furthering his company.

Trent Hove, a senior at North Dakota State, proves that no idea is too small. An apparel studies major with a minor in art, Hove has had the opportunity to explore several mediums such as sewing, drawing and graphic design.

Hove has always been someone with creative thoughts and designs ready to burst. “With a minor in art, I was able to find what suits my eye and take that into my work,” Hove said.

Being a senior and soon-to-be graduate, Hove still wanted to create something bigger. What better idea than using graphic tees, hoodies and hats to apply his designs to?

Where Wear, his startup clothing company, has been the perfect place to channel pure creativity. You may be asking, “Why did he create this brand?”

“Personal venture,” Hove explained. “I started thinking about it last spring, that I wanted to do something. This is an avenue for me to be creative. I wanted (to) force myself into something. Where Wear is a platform to present.”

The brand’s website describes Where Wear as a minimalistic lifestyle brand. “Whenever I look at different kinds of art, my eye is always drawn to the minimalistic style,” Hove said. “The very clean output that minimalism provides, I want to keep pursuing that.”

Hove has created all the graphics himself, but he wants to open that up to bring in other artistic perspectives. Hove said he values the importance behind the collaboration of artists and designers.

So how does someone just get up one day and start a clothing company? Hove replied to this question by simply stating “YouTube.” Although he is an apparel studies and art major, he said he owes it to YouTube tutorials for teaching him the fundamental concepts of learning Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

When it comes to the current product development process of Where Wear, Hove uses a company called Printful. Printful is a company designed to help develop and manufacture products for a startup business. Hove sends over his designs and translates his vision for the products over to the teams at Printful, who then develop and ship out his products as they are being purchased.

Hove doesn’t yet have the inventory and infrastructure to create and ship his products, so he has found that Printful is a good resource to help him in these areas. “It allows for me to create without any upfront costs,” Hove said.

Over the next few months, when he isn’t writing cover letters and applying to jobs, Hove will be working on Where Wear and focusing on the company’s vision. Although he is a startup company and is limited on garments, Hove said he wants to develop a known unique aesthetic for the brand.

“It needs a vibe, a niche,” Hove explained. Using Printful, what he has learned in class and from YouTube videos has led him to play with different avenues of where he wants the brand to go.

“I need to be cautious of what I am going to try and sell,” Hove said. “I am focusing on that now. Eclectic, timeless, but still has a modern feel to it. Having ’80s/’90s color palettes. I want to start looking for and creating garments that have an older feel.”

Hove is on the path to a lifestyle and career full of creativity. He proves that no idea is too small — all you have to do is start.

If you are an artist and have interest in collaborating with Hove, feel free to reach out to him on Instagram @where_wear or check out his website at

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