Students find empowerment through ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’

Story by Bridgette McAuliffe, Staff writer

Photo by Richard Thompson/The News

Strutting on stage in corsets and fishnet tights, Murray State students said they have never felt more confident in their entire lives.

On Halloween night, the theatre club Sock and Buskin hosted their annual shadow performance of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” The students re-created the entire movie, performing with accurate costuming and choreography in front of a screen that played the feature.

Hannah Crawford, senior from Auburn, Kentucky, was cast as Janet, the show’s leading female role. She saw the movie for the first time in 2012 and has since had a special connection to the film.

“I’ve watched it every single year,” Crawford said. “My dog’s name is Rocky because he was born on Halloween. I just love the movie and was really excited to audition.”

She discovered the film in high school after being introduced to it by her boyfriend at the time and though she was hesitant at first, Crawford said she came to feel a sense of empowerment from the film.

“I think the overall theme is about sexuality and just really owning it,” Crawford said. “That’s what I love getting to do with Janet; absolutely owning my sexuality and having that confidence.”

This production of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” was Crawford’s on-stage debut.

“I’ve made a ton of friends; it’s been really fun and just a huge confidence booster,” Crawford said.

Michael Moreno, sophomore from Louisville, Kentucky, portrayed Brad, Janet’s newlywed husband. His favorite part of the show, he said, was getting to wear the corsets during the final number.

“That entire last scene in general always gets me excited,” Morena said. “I just get to be something I’m not; be somewhat sexy and very vulnerable and it’s just a lot of fun.”

From choreography to character interaction, the actors tried to stay as true to the film as possible. Though it is a very intense production, Crawford said the cast and crew did a great job making everyone feel comfortable.

“Michael and I didn’t have to do the kiss if we weren’t comfortable, but that’s what they do in the movie and what we both wanted to do,” Crawford said.

Getting to portray Janet allowed Crawford to live out one of her dreams and cross off a major point on her bucket list.

“I’m going to be very sad when this is all over because I look forward to rehearsals so much and getting to do something I love with all of these cool new people,” Crawford said.

Katie Duggar, sophomore from Murray, was the assistant director for this year’s production.

“I love the dynamic of the audience and being with a group of people who are so passionate about the film,” Duggar said. “That’s the great thing about cult films; you can guarantee there is a wide audience of people that are die-hard fans for it, especially ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show.’”



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