Students’ Voice: Looking Back on This Semester’s First Exams

By: Alexander Liehr

Many classes are graded primarily through tests and exams, which have begun for courses across all majors.

Every older student has been through this process and they have valuable advice for success in class.

Obviously, students face this issue differently.  However, most agree that if you receive a high grade, you simply need to keep your current approach or look for small improvements. 

What this can look like varies across courses, as “every class is different and everything changes,” according to SGA President and double-major Zoe Crain.

Approaching the situation of receiving a low grade from the first test of a class is a different for all students. 

Crain emphasizes the necessity of “self-evaluation” to understand your individual dilemma. 

Other students, like Peter Hensley, an RA of T1, preach the necessity of “not stressing yourself out” and advise to “talk to your professor”.

First tests are the tests that usually set the tone of the class for the rest of the semester. 

However, they do not determine your final grade.  You can always bring your grade up and improve, all it requires is the proper effort.


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