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Think about the content you consume on a daily basis. Music, film, visual art, text; there is rarely a time where we are not under a constant veil of media. Who is creating the content? Is it a celebrity? A famous vlogger? A top 40 artist? Most of the time, the content we consume is created by these people. But what if I told you there were talented creatives walking right alongside you here at Azusa Pacific University? Here are a few talented APU students that are soon going to be competing with your favorite artist for your attention.

Katy Killion

In an oversaturated world of vlogging, the quality of the channel depends solely on the personality behind the camera. Katy Killion stands out. Within seconds of watching her videos, it’s obvious that Killion isn’t acting for the camera; she’s just being herself. Her honest reactions toward pop culture’s latest trends and figureheads, along with her openness in sharing her own stories, lead her audience in laughing at and with Killion. With only three videos under her belt, Killion is still working out what she wants her channel to look like. “I’m still experimenting and trying to find my style which is fun and super awkward,” expressed Killion.

Look forward to more content by Katy on her Youtube channel and Instagram account.

Sola Luna

“Don’t Forget Your Friends” is the title of an upcoming EP by alt-pop group Sola Luna, which is releasing next spring. This group of friends makes music that instantly sounds familiar but at the same time is nothing you’ve heard before. Though Sola Luna has found some success in and around southern California, the band wants to make it clear that the goal is not to be famous. “If we have this mindset of ‘if we aren’t famous we aren’t going to be happy,’ that’ll destroy the band,” said guitarist Georgie Gomez.

Listen to Sola Luna on Spotify and follow the group on Instagram for tour dates and the release of “Don’t Forget Your Friends.”

Chris Miyashiro

Miyashiro, a visual artist, creates mystic works of art that make you want to leave all your troubles behind. Working with bright colors and intricate designs, his work transports his audience into the scene he creates. Though he has been creating since he was a little kid, he didn’t become fully immersed in art until he got a little older. “I think growing up, a lot of us get boxes put on our heads… like its bad to doodle your daydreams during class or that other things, like succeeding in school so you can move up the social chain, are more important,” said Miyashiro. “I believe that every single one of us has art lingering inside of us from birth. For some people, half the journey is discovering it.” By looking at his pieces, it seems obvious that Miyashiro never lost the drive to keep doodling his daydreams; the only change is the quality of work.   

Find more of Miyashiro’s work on Instagram and Youtube.

Taylor Tomlinson

With her hand in multiple projects on and off campus, each with a different role, Taylor Tomlinson has a lot going on. As a filmmaker, she is currently gaffing for one project, the cinematographer for another project and is co-directing a personal project within the next month. In the midst of this busy season, Tomlinson is most excited for her personal project. Since it’s a personal project, there is no outside influence on it besides that from co-creator Noah Ouellette. This is a vastly different experience than she has had with previous APU projects. The film, titled “It Will Be Better in the Morning,” focuses on the final hours of a man’s relationship with his wife due to choices he has made. Post-grad, Tomlinson hopes to venture into film archival and curating, along with filmmaking.

With so many people trying to make it big in the art world, it’s easy to look past those that are just beginning. Sometimes your next favorite artist is right beside you. So take a break from the ones who have already made it big and spend some time exploring the work of those that are just starting out.

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