Surrealist Party celebrates art exhibition

The Samek Art Museum hosted the Surrealist Party on Nov. 28 to celebrate the exhibit “The Mystic Detectives.” The exhibit “surveys the influences and echoes of Surrealism in contemporary art.” It opened on Oct. 16, replacing the former exhibit “Painted Pages,” a collection of Medieval Manuscripts.

Attendees at the Surrealist Party were encouraged to “wear costumes representing their favorite surrealist characters” as they browsed the museum’s collection of works by “artists that are inspired by historical Surrealism including queer artists, women, and people of color.”

“The Mystic Detectives” was a show originally curated at the University by Professor of Art History Roger Rothman, who was inspired by the Surrealist Conference that was hosted on campus earlier in November. It includes works from artists such as Bedtime Digital Games, Victor Castillo, Robert Crumb and Bill Domonkos.

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