The Microwave War of Thumb Butte Complex

By: Hannah Sexton

Several weeks ago, residents of Thumb Butte’s M200 building complained about their microwave, saying it was old and didn’t cook well.

As a joke, some occupants stole M100’s microwave to use for their ramen. The next night students of M100 raided the M200 building armed with Nerf guns to recapture their microwave.

However, one of M200’s residents had hidden it in their room and the raiders couldn’t find it.

Eventually they were told to take M300’s microwave, which they did. But at the scene of the crime the raiders left a note saying, “Thanks for the microwave -M200.”

The next day, residents of M300 donned gray charcoal face masks and raided M200, again with Nerf guns, and found the microwave.

After taking back the treasure to their hideout, M200 occupants devised a plan. They took a cardboard box and drew buttons on it and screen to imitate a microwave.

They filled it with rocks and put it in M300’s kitchen with a note saying, “Since you like stealing microwaves.”

In the end, M300 had M100’s microwave while M100 had M300’s and M200 was returned theirs.

Eventually the chaos was stopped when Housing got involved and promised M200 a new microwave.


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