Things you should know today: 11/28/18

Scientist claiming gene-edited babies reports 2nd pregnancy

Chinese scientist Hi Jiankui claimed at an international conference on Nov. 28 he has genetically engineered babies to be immune to AIDS, with the second pregnancy underway. Genetic engineering is controversial among leading scientists, and many criticize Jiankui’s decision to prevent AIDS, a preventable disease.

World faces ‘impossible’ task at post-Paris climate talks

World leaders are meeting in Katowice, Poland, from Dec. 2-14 to clarify the details of the 2015 Paris global climate deal. Island countries that experience global warming effects are likely to support ambitious measures to prevent climate change. However, larger countries including the U.S., Brazil and Australia, are not expected to continue their previous support of the deal.

Texas detention camp for teen migrants keeps growing

A detention center in Tornillo, Texas, which was originally designed to house 360 immigrant teenagers, is now home to 2,324 boys and girls ages 13 to 17. Most of the teens crossed the border alone to meet family in the U.S. The facility staff members have not received FBI fingerprint background checks; the department waived background check requirements.

Piano Guys release ‘Million Dreams’ video

The Piano Guys’ new “A Million Dreams” music video shows a young Jon Schmidt, played by Milo Allman, as a custodian who dreams of performing onstage. The video was filmed at the Tuacahn Outdoor Theater in southern Utah, where Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson first performed together.

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