Things you should know today: 11/29/18

World leaders arriving to pivotal G-20 summit in Argentina

World leaders started arriving in Buenos Aires Nov. 29 for the upcoming G-20 summit. The summit is expected to focus on economic issues like the trade war brewing between China and the U.S., conflict in Ukraine and potentially a new North American trade deal.

Trump says he wouldn’t take Manafort pardon ‘off the table’

President Donald Trump said pardoning Paul Manafort is not “off the table,” on Wednesday, Nov. 28, during an interview with New York Post. The comment drew outrage from critics, many of whom slammed the president for misuse of power and obstruction of justice. President Trump’s remarks came several days after Special Counsel Robert Mueller accused Manafort of lying to investigators and breaching his plea deal.

Michael Cohen pleads guilty to lying to Congress

President Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen plead guilty to lying to Congress about his work with the Moscow Trump Tower on Wednesday, Nov. 28. Cohen said he lied about the tower negotiation timeline along with other deals as he wanted to align with President Trump’s political message.

The Daily Universe Christmas Giveaway

The Daily Universe is hosting a Christmas giveaway this season. Grand prizes include an Apple Watch, a Nintendo Switch Fortnite Edition and a 49″ LG smart TV.

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