‘Twas the start of championship weekend

‘Twas the Final Four day, when all through Illinois

Not a sports fan was talking, not even a college boy;

The steel beams were hung by the new football facility with care

In hopes more recruits would soon be there;

Lovie was kicking it back in his chair,

Reliving a two-year extension some called unfair;

Whitman said otherwise and believed in his man

To them, the football team is really doing all it can;

The season was historic with a 63-0 loss;

It even had a Purdue touchdown where Martin was Moss’d;

As for Reggie Corbin, he broke out strong,

A glimpse of hope in a season where a lot went wrong;

What about basketball over at the State Farm Center?

Well, Brad Underwood has been forced to be an experimenter;

Kipper or Trent or Ayo or Feliz,

The decision on a lineup seems up for lease;

A poor start to the season against nonconference foes

The Illini are trying to knock off the early-season woes;

Big Ten play is fast approaching,

And on the same court, Nancy Fahey is coaching;

Last season, women’s basketball dropped every conference game,

But this year’s team is different, at least that’s been the claim;

The winter also means Heffernan leading the wrestling force;

Emery Parker and teammates are looking to stay on last season’s course;

Oh, gymnastics is quickly getting back in full swing

Expectations are always high for Alex Diab on the rings;

Don’t forget Rae Balthazor, who has been a standout performer,

And you have to be sure coach Walsh is one of her biggest supporters;

Swimming and diving is in a midseason break;

Fortunately, their practice isn’t in some frozen lake;

Illini sports are in full winter season

But the biggest story comes with great reason;

Illinois volleyball has made a postseason run,

And now in Minneapolis, there will only be one;

With anticipation high, a championship is in sight,

So with that, happy Final Four to all, and to all a good night!


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