UF AD Scott Stricklin open to scheduling UCF game, declines home-and-home

University of Florida athletics director Scott Stricklin said he would be open to scheduling a football game or series with the University of Central Florida, the Orlando Sentinel first reported, but would not agree to a home-and-home.

According to The Sentinel, Stricklin said UCF athletics director Danny White has yet to reach out about the possibility of setting up a game, however, he would be willing to pick up the phone.

“I’d be OK with scheduling them — in the right situation,” said Stricklin. “We haven’t had a spot where we thought this made sense at this point.”

The University of South Florida has an arrangement with UF to include a two-for-one (Florida hosts twice) in 2022, 2023, and 2025. 

Understandably, Danny White protests two-for-one series as unfair for season ticket holders and for the program to concede a home game matchup worth about $2 million to a Power 5 opponent. White instead would want the Knights to be propelled to the equal level of other top-tier universities given the success UCF has had on and off the field, “Beggars can’t be choosers” attitude need not apply.

“We do home-and-homes with like FSUs and Power 5 leagues. We haven’t done any home-and-homes with non-Power 5 teams. I don’t think we would start that,” Stricklin said.

“But I’d love to schedule [the Knights] in a game.”

UCF fans accused Florida of dodging the 25-0 team by playing Michigan in the Peach Bowl for their third meeting in four years. The reasoning behind setting Michigan, whose No. 7 ranking was disputed, with Florida in the Peach Bowl had to do with superiority and geography, according to CFP Chair Rob Mullen.

“People don’t know. They give me a lot of credit,” Stricklin said Friday. “I have more power than I realize, according to them. People are going to say things when they don’t know what they’re talking about and that’s what is happening there.”

CFP Chair Rob Mullens: Michigan is higher ranked, deserves to play closer to home at Peach Bowl


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