UI Art and Design program hosts artwork sale Saturday

Unless students consistently visit the art studios on the University of Idaho campus, they are not likely to know of all the work their peers produce.

Michael Sonnichsen — an art and design assistant professor — aims to change that.

Inspired by an event he participated in as a graduate student at the University of Mexico, Sonnichsen has organized an annual Ceramics and Print Sale for the past five years.

“The students get their first opportunity to sell some of their artwork and see that there is an economic side to artmaking,” Sonnichsen said. “Possibly, they could begin to think about making a living exchanging their art for money.”

Not only will students gain an experience selling pieces in a gallery setting, they will also be allowed to keep part of the proceeds, with the remainder benefiting studio spaces within the UI Art and Design Department.

“It’s a win-win for everyone,” Sonnichsen said. “The community gets to see what the students have been up to and purchase legitimately good artworks at fairly good prices. The funds go back to students and 25 percent goes back to their respective studios.”

Sonnichsen said he has witnessed UI students attend the sale and decide to take an art class the following semester.

He added community members and students alike enjoy the timing of the event because they can use the purchases as holiday gifts.

Sonichsen recommends attending to sale to see a variety of interesting, original student-made artwork — possibly purchasing some of it.

The Ceramics and Print Sale takes place 11 a.m. Saturday at the UI Prichard Art Gallery, ending at 5 p.m.

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