USA launches new meal plan

The University of South Alabama will offer a new meal plan this semester which comes with a $120 voucher for Home Chef.

Home Chef delivers weekly, pre-portioned ingredients for meals selected by you through its website or app. Every week the service cycles between different meals to choose from. Home Chef lists its menu for the next five weeks on their website

The meals come in many varieties with a range of selections, such as barbecue shrimp pizza to vegan options like burrata & pesto risotto. The food is delivered in an insulated box with ice packs to keep ingredients fresh.

The meal plan is titled the Meal Kit Meal Plan and will cost $525. The plan comes with 30 on-campus meals, which can be used at the dining hall, and $180 in bonus bucks for stores around campus. details the contents of each box, along with cooking instruction for each recipe. The website also list a meal’s spice level, prep and cook time and the recipes difficulty level.

Home Chef runs from $7.99 to $9.95 per meal. Averaged together and divided by the $120 voucher comes up to approximately 13 meal orders per semester. Home Chef sends enough ingredients for two servings per meal.

The Home Chef voucher credits do not carry over semesters.

“The $120 credit for the meal kit is non-refundable, and any unused balance of the $120 credit will be forfeited by you on the last day of the calendar year,” according to the USA Dining website.

The Meal Kit Meal Plan is listed as a commuter meal plan on USA Dining web page.

Students have the first two weeks of every semester to change their meal plan through the USA Housing office.

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