Who ya gonna call? WU Unsolved

The world is full of mysteries, and some of those mysteries happen to exist on Winthrop’s campus. One group on campus hopes to spread their findings to as many students as possible through their YouTube channel, Winthrop Unsolved. Students may be surprised to learn what lurks on campus, and it may peak their interests to learn about unsolved paranormal activity that has been reported on campus.

The channel is a spinoff of the mainstream channel Buzzfeed Unsolved. While Buzzfeed aims to capture unsolved cases from around the globe, Winthrop Unsolved is exclusively for Winthrop University and areas that are close by. Winthrop Unsolved is a relatively new channel and currently only has three videos uploaded to their channel. Those looking for more content from the group may also want to check out their Instagram where they upload more mysteries such as haunted locations on campus.

In the channel’s most recent video, Winthrop Unsolved tackles the topic of the Hauntings of McLaurin 220. In the video, art major Madi Burger, talks about a paranormal experience that happened while she was painting in McLaurin 220. In one instance, she had a pen on a table while painting and it kept falling off the table and dragging across the floor. She decided to further investigate by performing an experiment and tieing the pen down, however, the pen mysteriously kept rolling off the table. “I have had some experiences here before,” Burger told Winthrop Unsolved’s Adam Caratenuto. “That was probably the most straightforward, just odd one.”

Currently the group has about five main group members that handle their investigations. Brooke Mims and Tabitha Young are two of the channel’s lead investigators. “The channel is just for fun and is meant to be just a fun parody,” said Mims. Young adds, “We just gathered some information and are editing it to be posted soon.” Mims mentioned that while making their upcoming video about a visit to the Graveyard near Winthrop, they had a spirit box with them, which lead to some unsettling paranormal activity. “We did get a lot of voices and it sounded like they were answering us,” said Young. “One of them even said Brooke’s name.”

Winthrop Unsolved is a channel dedicated to seeking the abnormal occurrences that have happened and continue to happen at Winthrop. Students interested in ghosts will not want to miss their upcoming video on the graveyard near campus, which members of the Winthrop Unsolved team say is their favorite investigation so far. The group also plans to cover the upcoming Ghost Tours in Tillman Hall, where several students have reported paranormal happenings as well as encounters with “live” ghosts. The channel is also very open to taking viewer suggestions, so those who have ideas for upcoming videos may share their ideas through the channel’s instagram @WinthropUnsolved.

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