Will dorm sectionals be moved to mornings?

Student Life experimented with a new meeting time for the mandatory dorm-wide meetings on Monday Oct. 1. Chapel was canceled and all dorm residents gathered and participated in the activities usually planned monthly for 10 p.m.

“We were curious to see how the trial run goes and if students like it,” Area Coordinator Conner Locke said.

Farrar, Aagard and Prewitt Van Gilder took part in a variety of activities within their halls while Balyo and Davidson participated in brother/sister activities preparing for the Lumberjack Games.

While so far the rest of the community gatherings are scheduled for the usual 10 p.m., some students are hopeful Student Life will consider more morning meetings next semester.

“It was nice to have the event in the morning instead of having to stay up until midnight to clean up after the meetings,” Kinley Hickok, an RA, said.

Another RA, Rachel Harland, liked the time change because it “gives a different feel when it’s in the middle of the day,” she said. Though she would like to see a mix of mornings and night community gatherings.

Others thought it was an inconvenience to their schedules.

“I don’t think many people like it because it forces them to go up and down the hill in a short amount of time,” Hannah Brumage said.

Bryan Roark didn’t appreciate that the meeting interrupted chapel and took away the “sabbath rest we were supposed to have during that time.”

Student Life will continue to consider the overall response of the time change for the spring semester.

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