Winter blues

Winter can be a fun time full of snow, hot cocoa and Christmas.

However, some of us get caught up in seasonal depression. Because we live in Northern Idaho where climates are extreme, and we have overcast skies for three to four months, it can be hard to keep spirits up. As winter turns its ugly face this season, some of us catch the winter blues that can last until spring. Seasonal depression for some of us is unavoidable, but there are some things that can help.

Winter’s cold season and overcast can get to the best of us. For those who can’t drive and are sensitive to the weather, it is hard to get out of the dorm room or apartment. Snuggling up in a warm blanket and binge watching Netflix sounds nice at first, but it can become a bit boring. Being stuck in the dorms can be depressing and become a bit lonely.

To avoid this, try to get out and do activities in residents halls, join clubs or get involved in extracurricular activities. In these groups you will be able to interact with others and get your spirits up. Joining a club means you can make friends with people who have similar interests.

Not only does seasonal depression get the best of us, but there can be a lot of academic stress at the end of the semester too. With finals coming up and big projects due, people can become extra stressed on top of this. Managing your time is very important especially at the end of the semester when things begin piling up. If you aren’t very good at managing your time, you can always go to your academic advisor and ask for advice.

It is important to take a deep breath and stop worrying for a little bit. Try to invest in hobbies that will distract you and keep you busy. Whether it be writing, practicing an instrument or watching YouTube, it is important to take time for yourself. What ever makes you happy, make sure to take breaks in between studying or what ever gets you worked up.

Remember that your feelings are valid. Know that you are OK and that every college student has gone through some form of what you are going through. If you do need to talk to a professional, University of Idaho offers counseling services and you can make an appointment by calling (208) 885-6716. If there is a crisis, call (208) 885-6716.

Overcasts, extremely cold weather, staying in the dorms, not socializing, and academic stress can be the main cause of seasonal depression.

To stay out of the winter slump this upcoming season, try to get involved with on-campus clubs and activities in the residence halls. Hang out and socialize more to distract you from external stresses and worries. Manage your time well so that you don’t have more stress piled up on yourself. Try to have fun and keep your spirits high. In the end, don’t worry because it will all be OK by spring.

Emily Pearce can be reached at arg-opinion@uidaho


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