‘Wishes’ line the halls of Norman Hall art gallery

Sandra Luckett’s paint­ings “Cluttered with Wish­es” will be on display at the Norman Hall art gallery.

An artist originally from California but raised in New York, Luckett has more than 25 paintings on display for the month of October. Some of her paintings often show a sto­ry, some with a clear view of the beginning, middle and end, but others offer a mystery.

“I’m obsessed with the recent Gucci ads/style. So I collected magazine ads, selected my favorites, broke down the color pal­ette into ratios and created the striped paintings,” said Luckett, who added that the “paintings are based on the models’ coloration.”

The names of many pieces in the exhibit corre­spond to seasons. “Gucci Fall” is the name of a piece that portrays the essence of fall colors and current style.

“I want to present a diverse group of artists. I don’t like to follow a drawing show with anoth­er drawing show,” Neal Harrington, gallery direc­tor, said. “I like to have a diverse group of media that artists work in.”

Later this semester, the Norman Gallery will host an annual juried student competition exhibit that is free to enter. This fall’s exhibit is the 12th year for the competition. Har­rington said because of a generous grant by Bridge­stone cash prizes will be awarded to the first, sec­ond and third-place finish­ers.

“You can enter three works, no matter the media. Digital, sculpture, painting, print making, anything,” Harrington said.

Melissa Cowper-Smith, a multimedia artist who teaches at the University of Central Arkansas, will judge the artists’ works.

The entry period is Oct 29 through Nov. 2. En­tering the competition is a great way to get students’ work seen, judged and in an exhibit, Harrington said.

Entrants do not have to be art majors. Last year 44 students entered and 47 works were accepted from 25 students.

Additional information is available by contacting Harrington by email at nharrington@atu.edu or by calling 479-964-3237.


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